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We provide more than just a discovery call! Our program is designed to teach you everything you need to know about being a business owner.


Business Foundations

Starting a business is easy. Starting it with a solid foundation takes more effort and increases your chances of success.

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Capacity Building

Our business is making sure every business has the coaching, tools, and resources to stay in business.


What's Your Challenge?


I want to start a business.

We started coaching in 2014 and focused on existing businesses. Since the pandemic, we have shifted to helping individuals start businesses and correct some of the YouTube and TickTock training they have received with a Business Foundations course and live chats with industry professionals. 


I already have a business and need funding.

This is a hot topic in the business world. How do I get money for my business. We are not direct lenders, but we coach you on how to qualify for your form of financing, credit and business loans. Reducing red flags is the best way to get the financing you need for your business.


I need a business plan.

There are many businesses who don't think documentation is important. How do you demonstrate to a lender that you are serious about paying them back, after all this is a business transaction and the burden of proof is on your record keeping. A solid portfolio is respected and speaks volumes just as your resume did when you applied for a job.

Business Programs

NEPA Fundability Program

Special training for North East Pennsylvania business owners funded by the USDA. Open to first 100 start ups in Pike, Wayne and Luzerne counties. All others welcome to participate.

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SCANJ Micro-Lending

Special training for businesses in rural regions of New Jersey designed to provide underserved and minority business owners with the skills, knowledge and access to capital. Open to businesses located in Salem, Cumberland, and Atlantic Counties.

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Business Foundations

Is your business credible? Learn the basics and set up your business correctly by going through the Business Foundations platform. This is a video based, guided curriculum that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to start or correct your business so that it is credible.

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Capacity Building

I have a business, What's next? Do you have systems in place for expansion? Are you in the best position to grow your business, hire employees, apply for grants. If not, we can help you with the next phase of your business.

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Executive Leadership

The executive leadership program is designed to work one-on-one with upper management to assist with culture definition and foster positive change through personal development.

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Non-Profit Coaching

Where are the grants? How can I receive assistance with grants and funding for my Non-profit. Am I set up correctly to apply for 501c-3 status?

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How can we help you?

We have multiple programs throughout the United States that assist start ups, young businesses and non-profits become credible or fundable.



Breakout Coaching Session

Every Wednesday, we dive deep into specific challenges, helping you to brainstorm solutions and develop a clear plan for immediate results.

start-up Nation with LRTN

Start-Up Nation with LRTN Program

It's time to move from scaling to funding.

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Coffee Talk -Monthly Business Sessions

Uncork breakthroughs over coffee: Discovery sessions that ignite strategy. Insights from super achievers at ECCR Group


Coaching Stats

current clients
Over 110K in business referrals
within 9 months to credibility
Over 7 hours of video instruction



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"Nothing arouses ambition so much in the heart as the trumpet-clang of another's fame" — Baltasar Gracian. Find, connect, draw inspiration from and share your successful entrepreneurial stories. Inspire someone today!

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