How we approach business
and executive coaching.

The mission of the ECCR Group is to provide business owners with business coaching opportunities. Business coaching helps small business owners start, revive, or grow their business, so they can live a quality life and establish a strong foundation for serving their customers. Executive coaching builds leadership skills that help small businesses grow into large ones. Strong leadership builds a business by helping you identify the right individuals to put on your team. Executive and Business Coaching are the foundation for what we do at the ECCR Group.

Adding value to
Building Businesses

The ECCR Group uses a Business Leadership Advisory Group (BLAG). BLAG is an evaluation program for strategic outcome planning. BLAG features diverse, non-competing business leaders. The aim is to empower you to balance life, work and community service.

Adding Value to
Developing Leaders

The ECCR Group uses an Executive Leadership Advisory Group (ELAG). ELAG is an evaluation program for strategic outcome planning. The aim is to empower you to balance life, work and community service.

Coaching Levels

Level I - Foundations

In this assessment, we look at the foundations of your business. Do you have a website, domain and branded email addresses? Are you set up with a Business Address and Business Phone number? We get you started so you are in a position to grow.

Level II - Capacity Building

In this level, we help you build your Mission, Vision and Values statement. Create your Org chart and put together a business plan. Becoming operational is the first step to qualifying for business growth and financing.

Level III - Client Engagement

In this level, we examine your website and social media accounts. We make recommendations on how to improve your platform so you can accept leads. Social media is important with Digital Marketing. We assist with Lead Capture and Funnels on your website.

Level IV - Business Credit and Financing

In this level, we get you trained on how to build your business credit and obtain financing through your EIN. You don't have to destroy your personal credit to build your business.

Level V - Lead Generation Coaching

In this level, we will coach you on the best method to generate leads for your business. Webinars and social media campaigns can create brand awareness and new customers. A campaign can run from 30 to 90 days.

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About Eugene Campbell

Certified Master Business Coach (MBC)

Master a proven, professional, results-driven, business coaching system with a track record of over forty years of success.

Certified Diaster Recovery Coach (CDRC)

Employ a new set of coaching tools and exercises to help your clients who have had a traumatic experience.

Certified Professional Life Coach (CPC)

Use a proven professional coaching system that has helped tens of thousands of individuals all over the world to change their lives for the better.

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