How we approach business and executive coaching.

The mission of the ECCR Group is to provide business owners with business coaching opportunities. Business coaching helps small business owners start, revive, or grow their business, so they can live a quality life and establish a strong foundation for serving their customers. Executive coaching builds leadership skills that help small businesses grow into large ones. Strong leadership builds a business by helping you identify the right individuals to put on your team. Executive and Business Coaching are the foundation for what we do at the ECCR Group.

Adding value to Building Businesses

The ECCR Group uses a Business Leadership Advisory Group (BLAG). BLAG is an evaluation program for strategic outcome planning. BLAG features diverse, non-competing business leaders. The aim is to empower you to balance life, work and community service.

Adding Value to Developing Leaders

The ECCR Group uses an Executive Leadership Advisory Group (ELAG). ELAG is an evaluation program for strategic outcome planning. The aim is to empower you to balance life, work and community service.


Lead Generation

Increase your customer base with more leads.

Online Mentoring

Join us for our monthly online Coffee Talk mentoring session.

Business Fitness Bootcamp

Let's see if your business ready for an increase.


Our network of experts provide professional services that will help your business grow.
Here are the areas we specialize in.

Business Coaching

Create change by becoming a better leader. Have a plan for success.

Lead Generation

Our program generates qualified leads for your business.

Business Fitness

We make sure your online presence is boosted by Google, Yahoo and Bing’s browser standards.

Life Coaching

We help you find balance between work and life. 

Social Media

Increase your reach with social media groups and pages.

Business Resources

We have many items and programs that can help you with your business.

About Eugene Campbell, MBC, CDRC, CPC

Eugene Campbell, MBC, CPC is a Certified Business Coach and Certified Professional Life Coach for the ECCR Group. The ECCR Group provides business coaching and executive coaching for businesses. Eugene started his career as a Social Worker in New York City with Cardinal McCloskey Community Services. For two years he worked with inner-city youth. On weekends he facilitated a group home with at-risk youths in upstate New York.

Success with these agencies led him to work with the Harlem Children’s Zone. Ten years later, he would help struggling non-profit, CTE, in Connecticut. The Urban League of Essex County and The Boys and Girls Club of Harlem were next. These organizations would excel from his leadership and organizational skills.

Eugene continues to fill the need for organizations and individuals through business and executive coaching that need support.


Build a Better Business

  • Choose the best entity for your organization
  • Create a business plan
  • Create your Mission, Vision and Value statement
  • Recruit employees and build your team
  • Solve problems to be successful