Executive Coaching and Community Impact
What does it look like when you empower children? They excel and succeed. Who is the Empowering Children Community Roundtable Groups (ECCR Groups)? The ECCR Group, started by Eugene Campbell, serves as a non-profit support network. The mission is to strengthen the service delivery systems of community-based organizations (CBOs). We work with leadership to create strategic plans. The plans address long-term structural challenges in programs or organizations. We provide direct services that enhance the CBOs operations and effectiveness. Expert individuals and organizations contribute to our support network. We share time, talent and resources to address community service gaps.


Harlem Link Charter School

Harlem Link Charter School Logo

In 2015, the Harlem Link Charter School (HLCS) hires Eugene Campbell. His new position is director of the after school program known as “After All”. The program serves children in grades K-5. Eugene takes over to correct high staff turnover and serious discipline issues. The program turns around under his leadership.


ECCR Group Partnership

In September 2017, HLCS shifts funding to the day school. The “After All” program is still important to the community. It provides a value for both for children’s development and as an urgent need of working parents. HLCS contracts the ECCR Group to take over the “After All” program. The ECCR Group will operate the program as an independent entity. Limited funding reduces the number of children served on-site from 150 to 45. The program decides to focus on kindergarten children. Eugene finds a way to service the other children off-site. Mr. Campbell designs a map cross-referencing students’ addresses and accessible after school programs. A strategic partnership between programs creates opportunities for students and parents. Children receive transportation from HLCS to outside programs. Their location is most convenient for parental pickup coming from work.


Parents Education and Support Training

In October 2017, The ECCR Group starts The Harlem Link Parents Education Network. The program assists parents whose children attend after school programs. The parents receive social serve support and training. This enables them to become effective advocates for themselves and their community.

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