Executive Coaching and Community Impact

I-XCEL After-school

The “Scholars” After School program provides academic enrichment and recreational opportunities to 150 students in Kindergarten through 5th grade. It serves as an extension of the school day and allows for students to continue learning, have fun and feel supported in a familiar and safe environment.

I-XCEL After School Program

Harlem Link After-school Network

Responding to the need for more high quality off-site after school program opportunities for over 400 students, Harlem Link Charter School has contracted the ECCRGroup to coordinator the “Harlem Link After-School Network”. The Harlem Link After-School Network is comprised of local after school providers (members) who have agreed to provide off site high quality after school programming for our students. Network members (after-school providers) have agreed to provide the following services: referrals for afterschool programming, academic enrichment and recreational opportunities to students in Kindergarten through 5th grade.

Harlem Link After-school Network

Parent Education Network (PEN)

The Objective of the PEN Network training program is to connect parents to vital social service support services, by offering case management, and parent empowerment Peer to Peer workshops. All the workshops are designed to empower parents’ leaders to become advocates for themselves, their children and the community they live in. Upon completion of the program each parent is presented with the certification of completion.

Bio-Medical Training

The ECCRGroup in partnership with Cotton Principal Group created the I-XCEL “Biomedical Equipment Technician” certificate program for High School and Out of School Youth 16-24. The program provides specialize STEM training in the Bio-Medical training field for High school students to meet the increasing demand for highly skilled workforce in the medical industry. Utilizing highly trained highly skilled individual to perform equipment repairs in various medical settings, calibrations, inspections, Preventive Maintenance to optimize equipment functionality and training of end users.

Private Senior Executive Leadership Group

Peer to Peer vehicle for strategic outcome planning and execution, whose objective is to empower you to balance life, work and community service. The Group utilizes outcome-based best practices, that encourages Executives to be bold, embrace change and improves their business operations. The group membership is limited to 12-16 members across high growth industries.