Public Workshops (Webinar or Community Forum)

Public Workshops (Webinar or Community Forum)

Business Coaching Virtual Summit Series

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ECCRGroup 10 Step Coaching Process

  1. Intake Interview (Client engagement)
  2. Assessment (where are you?
  3. What do you want?
  4. Vision Statement (business roadmap)
  5. Mission Statement (What do you do-for whom-for what)
  6. Functional Organizational Chart (Lines of authority)
  7. Financial Projections (What does it cost to run your business?)
  8. Project Management Planning (Internal activity)
  9. Systems of Efficiency (Productivity Flow Chart)
  10. How to conduct a meeting (How to prepare your team for a meeting)

By completing the 10 step Coaching process, it will enable me to work with you to create a customized Business Strategic Plan that will address your goals, to build or expand your business.

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