Is Executive Coaching right for you?

The old saying “No man is an Island”, is still true today. Every Executive or Senior Leader has a group of advisors, they can call on for counsel or guidance before making a major decision on expansion, business merger, or finance issues. Sometimes these groups are called Board of Directors, Working Group, Committee Members, Advisory Committee members, just to name a few. Their goal is to share leadership expertise, years of experience and management background, to help you make the best decision on behalf of the business. Their collective goal is to make sure you achieve the company’s outcome, raise Dividend Stock for Investors, increase the company’s profiles. 

Did you notice, these are advisors, who are all committed to making sure the company reaches its success through your leadership. An Executive Coach is committed to making sure “you” succeed at work, home and your community. We work with you as your personal advisor to ensure you have a “outside” voice, to help you navigate the many landmines you face making daily leadership decisions, serves as a sounding board, invested in “you” as the leader. 

Here a few things to think about when choosing an Executive Coach: 

1.    A coach accelerates the learning curve and sharpens sensibilities in a more acute manner than can an individual working alone. 
2.    Bring a balance in your work, personal and community life 
3.    Develop your personal assets and ability to grow as a professional 
4.    Provide honest and Direct Feedback to ensure strategic and personal goals. 
5.    A coach serves as a partner to advance personal and organizational executive agendas. 
6.    Identify and Overcome Personal, Obstacles to Strategic Goals setting

Yes, even I have had Coaches, advisors, who have held me during career. Many who I still called and ask for their outside honest opinion. It’s funny, some of my biggest mistake have come from asking for advice, when I knew I had already made up my mind before talking to my coach. The outcomes were never good, because if you have to talk yourself into a decision, then you are already closed mined. An Executive Coach is there to help you cross rocky waters, when none one else will throw you a paddle. 

Join and improve your leadership

The ECCR Group offers consulting for multiple situations. Contact us regarding the solution for you.

Executive Coaching is available for:

  • Organizations
  • Individuals
  • Virtual Sessions
  • Organizational Health Checks
  • Public Workshops

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