Executive Coaching and Leadership

Executive Director Coaching Benefits

This is a powerful means to enhance a Executive’s ability to understand self and what is important to the leader, personal growth and organizational outcomes.

“The ECCRGroup help me secure funding to expand my youth leadership development program.”

Wayne Winsley, Founder
Brave Enough to Fail, Inc.

What We Do

The eccrgroup specializes in working with Executive Directors’ and key leadership staff in business, non-profits organizations and churches to reach their potential, by designing outcome-based strategies plans that enable them to fulfill their personal goals and organizational mission.

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How We Do It

How we do it | Identify and match experience consultants who are change agents, committed to “listening to your challenges”, “respecting intuitional culture”, “utilizes the input of stakeholders” and assist management in creating a realistic “strategic plan with limited resources”. We work with your leadership to identify staffing needs, resources and management systems to increase maximum productively.

How It Works

Executive coaches facilitate a mutually designed relationship with a “key contributor” who has a powerful leadership position in an organization, to address issues that are negativity impacting its working environment or personal life.

​​“We chose the ECCRGroup, when we needed someone to create a provider network, for children who desperately needed quality after-school programming.”

Steve Evangelista, Principal
Harlem Link Children School