Executive Coaching and Community Impact

Eugene Campbell, ECCR Group Inc. President/CEO

ECCR Group Eugene Campbell
Meet Eugene Campbell, ECCR Group Inc. President and CEO. Eugene Campbell is a native from New York who started his community service career in 1983. He is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. The Virginia State University graduate returned to New York to work as a Social Worker in the Bronx. In 1986, Eugene became the Program Director of the Harlem Children’s Zone. Over the next 10 years his programs serve over X children.

Urban League of Essex County, NJ

His impact to the community takes him across the river to Essex County, NJ as the President/CEO of the Urban League. He developed the agency’s corrective action operating plan. The high demand for Eugene points him in a new direction, north of New York.

CTE – Stamdford, CT

CTE, of Stamford, CT, allowed Eugene to acty as the Component Director. Their mission is to work in the community reduce the number of families living in poverty. The program serviced over 3,500 low-income families living below the poverty level.

Boys and Girls Club of Harlem

In 2004, Eugene returns to New York as the Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club of Harlem. In three years he increased the program participation by 1000%.

The Community Center

In 2008, Eugene becomes the President and CEO of a community center. The mission provides workforce development employment training, academic support and enrichment activities. to over 1,200 families. The 64,000 sq/ft facility houses a child day care center and a soup kitchen. Over 3,400 hundred meals served weekly.

The ECCR Group Inc.

In 2015, Eugene starts the ECCR Group. The ECCR Group is a community roundtable non-profit support network. ECCR Group, Inc. builds lasting strategic community partnerships among funders and government officials. The Harlem Link Charter School has partnered with Eugene and the ECCR Group. They operate the “After All” after school program. Eugene’s evaluation and research work has placed him at the center of the policy process. He works effectively with:
  • Federal Government agencies
  • Department of Labor
  • IRS (VITA Tax program)
  • HUD
  • State of Connecticut Departments (Education, Health, Social Services, Office of Children & Families services)
  • City of Stamford (Mayor’s Office/Youth Bureau/Community Development Office)
  • Town of Greenwich (Social Service/Community Development Office)

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