Business Leadership Advisory Group (BLAG)

Business Leadership Advisory Group (BLAG) is an evaluation program for strategic outcome planning. BLAG features diverse, non-competing business leaders. The aim is to empower you to balance life, work and community service.

Business Leadership Advisory Program

    • Address concerns and challenges through the eyes of the Business Leader.
    • Discusses work and personal issues in confidence and in a private setting.
    • Meets to produce outcomes that address most major business operational issues.
    • Supports Business Coaching meeting outcomes based on BLAG recommendations.
    • Provides accountability from Business Coaching sessions on meeting goals and objectives.
    • Provides individual and personalized guidance to address issues that impact work of life.

The characteristics of an Business Leadership Advisory Group Member

    • Goal-oriented
    • Passionate
    • Committed to the success of their business
    • Motivated and driven by a positive mindset
    • Doing meaningful work to make a difference in people‚Äôs lives
    • Open to new ideas, feedback, and accountability
    • Willingness to share and listen
    • Being able to add value to other people