Executive Coaching and Community Impact

Awesome this is happening, we 💜 seeing investments in our university! But it seems like the schools w higher rates of POC (Lehman, York, BCC, Medgar), schools known to be in DIRE need of resources are not being prioritized. @YorkCollegeCUNY @BCCSGA_ @lehmansga @NewsatMedgar https://t.co/sxWy4ugV9S

The dad of #AtatianaJefferson is shutting down the Lee Merritt finesse train. Marquis Jefferson’s name is on Atatiana’s birth certificate, & he got a court order to control the remains. Plus he said a gofundme wasn’t needed because he has an insurance policy to cover the funeral

We must focus on 2 important tasks as it relates to smartening our people up when it comes to power.
1.) Make black people unafraid of intelligence.
2.) Raise their political I.Q.
When people understand what is in their interests they will think more, and vice versa.

Amazing to me when whites tell Blacks to “get over” slavery, segregation, lynching, extra judicial murder by police, discrimination, dehumanization, oppression, and all that comes with being Black in America, but can’t handle us saying “wypipo” or not saying #NotAllWhitePeople.

The “Debt Snowball” formula makes Great financial sense. Good for her!!!
Take away ... The borrower is indebted to the lender.
#DebtEmancipation https://t.co/MBNb8y5CP4

A true white Ally is someone who will willingly part with some of that generational wealth that was brought on the backs of my ANCESTORS AND STEP BACK AND AMPLIFY AFRICAN DECENDENT VOICES. We are capable of telling our own stories. It's in our DNA!

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